Saturday, June 26, 2010

How this Blog was previously described

Tommy, Sara and baby Egan set off for a grand adventure: 80 days in Belize! Packed up much of the house, put it in storage, found some peeps to take care of the house and pets, rented a ramshackle beachfront cabin via the internet and bing, bam, boom! They took off to sunny Belize. These are their stories...


Okay, so I kind of left the blog hanging. Sorry y'all. We had some fun-filled last few days on Caye Caulker, including the Go Slow Races and accompanying party on our porch. While we were in Placencia, our wonderful housesitters in Austin wrote that they wanted to buy our house! This, and the fantastic 70+ days we had already had in Belize, made us certain that we should make a more permanent move to Belize. So...we returned to Texas on February 28th. We rented a house in a fun part of Austin (Zilker, SOLA area) and Sara sold a ridiculous amount of houses in a short time. We spent time with friends and had a hard time leaving them but by June 21st we were (mostly) packed up and ready to leave. We flew back to Belize on Wednesday June 23rd with almost-2-year-old Egan and our Texas Black Dog Jesse in tow. Just in time for a tropical storm! Yay!