Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kid Stuff

We've taken so many photos of Egan and his friends over the last couple of weeks, I'm feeling the need to post a few.  Here goes...

Egan and Nolan playing in the sun at The Split

Getty and Egan got matching tricycles from Santa!  Not planned...

On the slide at the primary school across the street from us.  Here is Getty with a helpful playmate.

Egan had to be pried off the slide that night.

Everything glows this time of day! 

At the playground not too far from The Split.  See the water in the background?!

A couple nights ago with sunset and moon. 

Getty, Nolan and Egan were all there!

Just posin'

Monday, January 17, 2011

Composting and Gardening Project: A SUCCESS!

Remember when I posted that Tommy was volunteering to head up the composting project at Ocean Academy?  Well, it was a total success (and continues to be).  Look at all the cilantro!  The kids were quite proud.  They harvested and sold all their bunches in about an hour!

Mercedes checks out the crop.

Elizabeth shows off a lush bunch of cilantro.

Mercedes, Elizabeth and Kyle:  all their work has paid off! Congratulations!  And Congrats to Tommy too!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

Things have been so busy and fun for the past few weeks!  We had a good friend visiting for about ten days, another visiting for about five days, showed around tons of groovy real estate clients, threw a party or two, attended a party or two, made new friends  and had lots of fun with Egan.  Here are a few choice photos of the last few weeks:
At The Split early on New Year's Eve.
Egan and Nolan dancing at The Split on NYE.

Playing Trivia NYE at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar.

Celebrating WINNING Trivia Night on NYE!!!  Great team!
Tommy's ritual photo with Egan at The Split.  One day I'll post several of them together.

We thought maybe I should start one too!

Egan action shot.

Jesse action shot.

Pirate action shot. 

At Will and Jane's Full Moon Party where we met the wonderful Ken and Allison! Jane shows Egan how to play the lap snare.

Egan shows some skill!

Egan giving the tree some love.
Christmas morning!

Christmas night at Coco Plum.  Live Reggae, bonfire and toys for Egan to play with and space for him to run free.  Wonderful!

Egan and I dancing by the bonfire at Coco Plum.

Band playing at Coco Plum on Christmas Night.