Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Tommy!

We're back! Okay, we've been here the whole time but haven't been blogging because my computer went blah on me like 2 days after my previous post in June. We finally received a new motherboard, Tommy put it together and now I'm back in business.

Today is Tommy's birthday! The celebration so far has included homemade (by me!) fluffy pancakes, signing documents in front of a Justice of the Peace (at his house 4 doors down from us) and doing laundry and hanging it on the line. Pina Coladas soon to be mixed.

Egan and I figured out a way to get the land crabs to come out of their holes.....poke a delicious piece of grass near the edge. Fun!

Documents? Oh, that. Something big is afoot. Something good. I'll tell you soon...

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  1. Documents??? Did you ever post a follow-up...EXPLAIN!!! btw...wanna renew our vows down there with the kiddos and ya'll as witnesses. Patrik does not know so let's keep it on the DL. =)