Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

  Here we are at The Split enjoying some beach time. A few minutes later, Jessie, Brad and their son Getty joined us. They moved to the island from Indiana, US a couple of years ago. Getty is just 3 days younger than Egan. Jessie has yoga classes on the island, as well as runs Belize yoga retreats. Check out her website at Swank!
  Egan on the roof. Look at that view behind him! Okay, I'm obsessed with the view. And the roof.
  Tommy snapped this sunset pic from the rooftop, as Egan lap nap-nursing in the hammock with me.
  Egan in the awesome rock shower at the condo. It is a two person shower, with showerheads on both sides. And very hot! Yippee!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

 We decided to mix things up a bit (read: HOT SHOWERS) and so checked into a condo on the north end of the island near The Split. Here is Egan testing out one of their ultra-comfy hammocks under the rooftop palapa.
  The rooftop was amazing! 360 degree views of the beautiful Belize waters. We pretty much hung out here the whole time (when we weren't taking showers or enjoying the pool!).
 Here is just part of the awesome view from the rooftop deck at Caye Caulker Condos.
 Egan watches the windsurfers from our covered front porch.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

  Our landlady Ellen is a biologist. Here she is with a pelican she rescued. He has a damaged wing and has been convalescing in her bathtub. She was walking by our place to take him to the sea for a bath when I snapped this photo.
  Today at The Split. It was CROWDED. Usually we have the place almost to ourselves.
  Egan in a bandana. Letting his bottom get some air...
  Check out our lovely Christmas decorations. Tommy brought them back from the city when he went to get mosquito netting. Yay!
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Bikes: Before and After shots

  Tommy's bike mid-paint job
  Sara's bike BEFORE
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okay, so it isn't all sunshine and roses

Last few days involved: island wide power outage from sunrise to sunset, which includes our water. Though the electricity came back on last night, we were without water until a couple of hours ago. This unfortunately coincided with a family wide stomach illness (yes, Mom, I guess it can happen in Belize)---diarrhea for baby, bad stomach pains for Tommy and I. Run-down cabin seems more run-down when you don't have electricity and water. WAY more.

On the sunny side, we scored a couple of shabby bicycles for the price of a weekly bike rental. When we leave the island, we should be able to sell them for the same price. Tommy scraped off much of the rust and spray painted them so now they are beautiful! In a hobo-in-a-suit kinda way...

This morning's sunrise

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Walking down to get online

  Pier next door
  Place I hope to reserve for Pop and Brenda when they visit. Awesome upstairs balcony and nice view.
  Funky place called Vega Hotel. No other guest house has a big grassy yard like this. You can't tell from the photo, but this is beachfront property.
  Caye Caulker Water Taxi Station. Main pier.
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  This bike was almost ours.
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Weekend of December 19th and 20th

The children of the woman who does make-ready on the cabins hung out with Egan and us for a good part of Sunday afternoon. Lupita (6 years old) kept picking Egan up and even gave him a spin.

My fave pic of the day!
Here he is with Lupita's brother Johnny, who stopped by again today!
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Weekend of December 19th and 20th

Our neighbors Cindy and Barry went away for the weekend and left Tiki, their little Yorkie, in our care. Egan now eats dog food and carries dog toys around in his mouth. Yay!
At the Caye Caulker Music Festival. Egan was mesmerized by this clown. The kids were crazy for him.
A couple of Americans who live and work in Antigua, Guatemala came and stayed the weekend in the cabin next door. Katie and Egan hung out a bit and here she is reading Egan a book we got from the Caye Caulker Library. Her boyfriend Danny (not pictured) was lying in a hammock.
Tiki LOVES Tommy. And the feeling may be mutual...
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Friday, December 18, 2009

neat link

Our neighbors have this website:

It has a live video stream of the water view to the left of our house. You can see anytime of the day what we are seeing from our porch!
  At the little rundown park for kids under 5. Right near The Split.
  At the little "beach" by The Split. This is the best area for swimming on the island and is where Hurricane Hattie split the island in half in 1961.
  You can see the other side of The Island behind Egan here.
  Tommy and Egan in the water just before the first storm came in.
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