Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh, the products from China (and other lands)

One thing we are struggling with is the lack of availability of safe and quality products, particularly those for children.  Most of these are from China but they are not the same Chinese products one finds in the States.  The ones we get here are guaranteed to fall apart or not work or be poisonous.  LITERALLY.  Here is the latest example:

Behold Egan's new FAVE toys!  He love, love, loves them.  Soon after we began playing with them, I noticed a noxious odor.  Serious off-gassing smell.  I picked up the product packaging and turned it over to see....

Seriously?!  Wash hands after handling this CHILD's TOY?!  Now I must make them disappear.   
The flip flops we bought him had a similar odor but no warning.  The fire truck fell apart into lovely little choky parts.  Our fan (made in Mexico?) worked for a month.  This is pretty much just how it goes.  The solution is to have our visiting friends bring us these things but that means waiting....and waiting.  We are getting good at patience.  Things move slowly here anyway, so this fits right in. 

But the toys labeled as poisonous are totally out of hand.  Right?


  1. Just wash hands?! That's ridiculous! As long as business is valued more than people we will continue to have these issues.

  2. Just wash hands?! That can't really be serious--because no child ever puts their hands in their mouth--yeah right!

    I just wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy your blog and I hope you keep posting. My dream is to move to Belize in about a year and a half so I love reading about expats who have already made the transition. Keep up the great work!

  3. True that, Joy. Thanks Renee! Glad to hear you are out there AND dreaming about Belize. You'll have to look me up when you come down on a scouting trip.