Friday, December 18, 2009

Catching up on the first week

We were wondering how Egan would go down for naps here, since at home he usually falls asleep in the stroller or on a car ride. Usually if I nurse him to sleep he doesn’t sleep as long unless I stay with him. But on the very first full day in Belize, I was off using the internet and Tommy was able to easily get him to sleep with a song and a nice rock in the hammock. He loves it!

Belikin is the national beer. Good stuff. The thick brown bottles have less beer in them than the American standard. None of the local nearby stores carry them in anything other than singles. Weird. No six packs, no 12 packs. The best price we had found by weekend’s end was $3 BZ per beer. Pricey! We eventually saw a sign at a store on the other side of the island for $60 BZ a case, free delivery. Still not much of a deal. Tommy did some asking around and our friend Carlos told us to go to the distributor a few blocks away. We have high hopes for this and Tommy will check it out today. Would have been a few days ago, but the weather kept us on lock-down.

Part of Monday, most of Tuesday and all of Wednesday were rainy rain days. We were pretty much shut up in the cabin with the pounding sounds of rain on the metal roof. Kinda nice, kind of a bummer. The showers were short each time but pretty intense and there was never enough time between them to do much of anything outside.

Our mission of spending less than $20 US a day is still in the works. More on that later.

We picked up Egans Shoo-Fly Suits yesterday. Cute! Tommy mentioned something about him being a Jedi master. Pics to come.

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