Wednesday, December 23, 2009

okay, so it isn't all sunshine and roses

Last few days involved: island wide power outage from sunrise to sunset, which includes our water. Though the electricity came back on last night, we were without water until a couple of hours ago. This unfortunately coincided with a family wide stomach illness (yes, Mom, I guess it can happen in Belize)---diarrhea for baby, bad stomach pains for Tommy and I. Run-down cabin seems more run-down when you don't have electricity and water. WAY more.

On the sunny side, we scored a couple of shabby bicycles for the price of a weekly bike rental. When we leave the island, we should be able to sell them for the same price. Tommy scraped off much of the rust and spray painted them so now they are beautiful! In a hobo-in-a-suit kinda way...

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