Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catching up

Due to major slacking on the blog, I have come up with a plan to catch up these last couple of weeks. I'll do a real-time post every day, as well as a post I meant to do when it actually happened.

Today we are feeling annoyed with our housing. We have a rat in the house. Possibly ratS. We have seen her and heard her and she is too smart for our trap. We set up a live trap and were told to give any caught rats to our neighbor, who feeds them to the iguanas. Ehhhhh! Tommy doesnt' know this, but I am all about taking the rat to an uninhabited part of the island and letting it go. The rats apparently drop down onto the roof from the coconut trees and crawl in the open space of the eaves.

On top of the rat situation, our hot showers are gone again. And we hate our kitchen faucet.

However....we live on the beach and aren't working. Things could be worse.

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