Friday, February 5, 2010

Trivia Night at the sports bar

  So our big evening outing here on the island is attending Trivia Night at the local sports bar. We had been doing pretty well so far but had not yet won 1st place, which is $50 off your tab (2nd is $30 off, 3rd is $20 off). Tommy and I won 3rd one night by ourselves (and it was really Tommy who won it, as I had to leave before the last round due to Egan waking up with the babysitter), so we figured when Pop came, we'd be number one for sure! And then with Zac there, we just KNEW we were going to win...
  Sara suffering through the overtime football game (NO Saints and some team from a cold place), waiting for the REAL game to start!
  Woo-hooo! We came in 1st! did 2 other teams. So we had to have a drink off and Zac was feeling confident to lead us to victory...
  Uh-oh! The drink-off was with STRAWS!!! Sorry Zac, good try! We still got $20 off our tab... (update: Tommy and I won first place with no tie just last week! Thanks in part to our knowledge of Siamese Twins (no, not "conjoined", we are talking the originals, Chang and Eng).

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