Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Deck

Here are the pictures of the beautiful new deck we had built back in December.  We figured since the roof extended well past the existing porch (made hodge-podge of Plysem and Plywood), we'd just have a whole new wood one installed.  It has changed our lives!  Now we have a large outdoor living space that is basically just an extension of the house.  Love it.

Our original deck only extended as far as this.  The new one was built over the concrete septic tank. 

The empty space is soon to be our new third of a deck.

Marsh built the deck!  And the kitchen!

Egan can take running jumps on the palatial new porch!

Happy boy.

Tommy put 3 layers (or four?) of varnish on it.  Shortly thereafter we had a party to celebrate the birth of our lovely new addition!


  1. Looks awesome! :) I love outdoor living spaces!

  2. me too! now if only it involved a pool with waterfalls and palapas...