Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Videos I've been meaning to post

So sorry for the posting slacking y'all!  I have an excuse for not writing 11 days of the last 30 or so, as Tommy went on a grand adventure to meet up with a bunch of friends in El Salvador and I was here holding down the fort solo.  Or rather, playing with Egan and chilling out and enjoying a visit from my brother/friend Paul.  But still.....

Below videos include: a Valentines Day fund-raising festival put on by Little Stars pre-school.  Treats, face-painting, games and LOUD LOUD dance/rap music.  From what I've gathered, if the music isn't blasting at a Belize party, then it isn't a party.  The louder it is, the better your neighbors will hear it and join in the fun.  So even when the party is for toddlers, one can expect to have music blaring from concert-size speakers.

The second video was shot at The Lazy Lizard down at The Split.  A bunch of British Army soldiers were having drinks and all decided to jump into the sea in their uniforms, boots and all.

The third is Egan doing a bit of bird watching.  We have beautiful birds in our yard every day!  Note the huge Breadfruit Tree leaves when I am panning around.

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