Saturday, October 9, 2010

More House: Before and After

Here is the bedroom BEFORE.  Note the interesting paint job and the linoleum floor over the gray painted wood flooring. 

Here is the bedroom AFTER.  This is the king-size bed that Tommy built with his OWN HANDS! A beautiful headboard was added a few days later.  See that groovy wood?  That is the Belizean hardwood with which much of the furniture and cabinetry is built in Belize.

This is our "front" door before we had the trim repainted "Teenage Pink"

I think the pink makes it much happier and tropical.  And now Tommy can sing that Little Pink Houses song with greater fervor, so right there you've got at least two big benefits to the addition of THE PINK.  We have a much larger porch on the back of the house with almost-sea views. We are still working on it, so I'll post before and after shots when we have a more complete After.
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  1. <3 what ya'll have done to the house...lmk what you need from The States and i'll see what I can do between now and then. HUGS!