Saturday, October 2, 2010

A rare moment during the party in which Tommy and I are in the same space.

This morning the weather was uncharacteristically cool.  There were huge sparkly dragonflies flitting around the yard, their wings glittering in the sun.....very "Legend" (with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara in the forest meadow).  Or not.  But it was kind of dreamy.  Then this evening at dusk there were tons of them flying up high in the treetops.  I've never seen them this size before and definitely not so many at once.  Semi-swarms of insects have been the theme of the week though.  Several days ago we had a big freak out when hundreds of large flying ants were swarming into the house. They were easily smooshed and the swarming was over in a couple of hours.  Weird.  Then 2 days later some other flying insect, smaller and mosquito-like, swarmed around all of our lights.  These too offered no resistance to our eager smashing of their delicate little bodies.  And goopy.  Oh the smears on the ceiling!  Anyhow, I guess all this bug stuff is related to the weather.  And our drafty, rickety beloved abode.
Preparing for the party:  Random photo of Egan with coconuts and fly swatter. 

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